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“I have never been treated better by a professional than when Christos Agra was my lawyer. Christos was always courteous, well-informed, and respectful, taking away a lot of the stress from my bankruptcy case.” Jonathan B., Phoenix, Arizona

“Christos Agra is simply a great guy. He acted as my attorney in a personal injury case, and I don’t think I’ve ever made a better choice. It’s a scary thing being in an accident, but Christos handled things smoothly, getting my life back on track after my wreck.” Susan H., Scottsdale, Arizona

“When I came to Christos, I didn’t know what to do about my overwhelming debt. Fortunately, he did. Christos was a great guy who handled my bankruptcy case with amazing skill, I will definitely continue to recommend him to everyone I know.” James K., Phoenix, Arizona

“A real pro at what he does, Christos Agra basically saved my life. I had an incredible amount of debt, and he seamlessly put me on the track to eliminating it. For bankruptcy, you can’t get any better than Chris.” Fernando R., Mesa, Arizona

“I had never been in an auto wreck before, and I wasn’t sure how I would ever get back on my feet until I started meeting with Christos Agra. He really gives lawyers a good name, as Chris cared about how I was doing during my entire personal injury case, not just about getting paid at the end. Honestly a great guy.” Robert B., Glendale, Arizona

“Christos Agra is a true friend. Now I haven’t known him long, but the way he helped me and my family out, acting as our lawyer in our bankruptcy case, I know I could always count on him again. Christos is a real professional and great at what he does, he is almost solely responsible for helping me get out of debt and provide for my wife and kids again.” Dario N., Chandler, Arizona

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had never had Christos Agra as an attorney. I was in horrible debt, with creditors calling me four or five times every day, but he took care of all that. It was a real pleasure having Chris as a lawyer to handle my bankruptcy.” Tobias F., Phoenix, Arizona

“I never imagined I’d get hurt in an accident, but inevitably I did. It wasn’t my fault, so the first thing I did was search for a solid attorney, and I found one in Christos Agra. He took control of my case and helped me get everything sorted out, helping me get through my personal injury case and on with the rest of my life.” Michael T., Tempe, Arizona

“Life can get busy, and things can get away from you, and that’s what happened to me and my debt. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, but the endless hassling by creditors, the imminent foreclosure, it all really got me down. Fortunately, a friend referred me to Christos Agra, and he immediately began helping me get my life back together. This bankruptcy case was hard on me, but Christos really made sure I was taken care of and helped me eliminate my debt.” Andrea Y., Avondale, Arizona

“Christos Agra was the name that came to mind when I needed a lawyer to fight for me, especially after the way he had taken care of one of my best friends. I never imagined I would be in a position to need his expertise, but there I was. I had slipped up, enormous debt got the better of me, and I couldn’t get out from under it. Christos had my back though, and really helped me clear my debt and my name.” George L., Scottsdale, Arizona

“Countless phone calls late into the night and early in the mornings; the threat of losing my house, my car, my job; huge medical bills I never thought I’d be able to get out from under; these are just a few things that were constantly on my mind until I made Christos Agra my lawyer. He honestly took care of me, and treated me well like a whole person, instead of just a case. Christos expertly took on my case and helped me shed all of these worries; he was spectacular.” Heather G., Mesa, Arizona

“Imagine my surprise when I met a lawyer who actually got back to me in a timely fashion, was respectful, and didn’t try to nickel and dime me. That’s how I felt after my initial consultation with Christos Agra – I had found a skilled and capable man to represent me in my bankruptcy case. He did amazingly well for me, and helped me get my life together after I had been tossed aside by a few other local attorneys.” Natalie D., Goodyear, Arizona

“Christos Agra is, simply put, the best in Phoenix. I had been hit and hurt pretty bad, and I couldn’t afford the medical bills that just kept piling up from treatment, surgeries, and physical therapy. I went to Christos on a referral from a family member, and he certainly delivered far more than I expected. I’m back on my feet and my personal injury case is a distant memory thanks to my attorney Christos.” Samuel W., Phoenix, Arizona

“I just finished college a few years back and was ready to take the world on headfirst, but, honestly, I had little experience. I ended up biting off more than I could chew and couldn’t do much for far too long other than be squished debt. I went to Christos Agra, and he helped me get out from under my burden of debt and get back on track. As an lawyer he is the best around, and he seemingly effortlessly guided me through the bankruptcy process and helped me get back on solid ground.” Pamela S., Phoenix, Arizona

“I was a long time proponent of the ideology that if you want something done right, you do it yourself. That is, until I met a young attorney named Christos Agra. I was trying to get out from under my debt by filing bankruptcy on my own, but I really just dug myself in deeper. Christos understood what I was going through and made me a top priority, helping me to leave my debt in the past and get through my bankruptcy quickly and smoothly.” Dean A., Tempe, Arizona

“When I was seeking an attorney for my personal injury case, I was expected to be pushed around, told what to do, and never really treated well. I told my best friend of my fears, and she told me not to worry about it, but to go to the Law Offices of Christos Agra. It was the best decision I made, because Chris handled my case with expert ease, and guided me through the whole process, making sure I was in the loop and had a voice.” Katherine P., Scottsdale, Arizona

“Christos Agra did an amazing job representing me and acting as my attorney. He handled my bankruptcy case with an ease and intelligence I didn’t expect from a young lawyer, and really did well for me. I can safely say that Christos changed my life by helping me relieve my debt.” Wendy B., Mesa, Arizona

“I was amazed by the motivation, intelligence, and courtesy of Christos Agra, my attorney during my bankruptcy case. He helped me get rid of my debt, and the hassles of my creditors in the process. Christos was amazing.” Alejandro, G., Phoenix, Arizona

“Christos is a top notch guy all around. I am so happy to have had him represent me during my personal injury case, as he was able to get me back on track to the kind of life I wanted to be living. Christos is a lawyer who is always well-mannered and seems to always know what to do; I would recommend him to anyone.” Peggy C., Chandler, Arizona

“I was afraid that I was going to lose my house in a foreclosure and my family when I couldn’t provide for them anymore because of the debilitating debt I was in. I sought help through the Law Offices of Christos Agra, and was so glad that I did. Christos took on my bankruptcy case like a champ and helped to give me and my family a second chance.” Francis R., Glendale, Arizona


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